The Way Between the Worlds

Aachan in 2 ATM.

Aachan was the home world of the Aachim people, and later, after it's invasion, the Hundred Charon. Volcanic activity began on Aachan around the time of the Mirror rendering the planet completely uninhabitable by 209 ATM.


Aachan was a frigid world of huge mountains crusted with sulphur-coloured snow and trickling scarlet lava. The land consisted of plummeting canyons and rushing rivers, and was famous for it's still oily bogs and blue-black luminous flowers. The Aachan sun was smaller and redder than the sun of Santhenar, however, at night the sky was dominated by a huge orange moon. The Aachan day was longer than that of the other worlds, however, the Aachan year was much shorter.

The cities of the Aachim consisted of huge bubble-like curving buildings, which have more than once been compared to the shape of an ox kidney. Aachan possessed nodes of power just as Santhenar did, however, the Aachim drew on local stress-fields rather than the field generated by the node, as they were quite strong on Aachan, unlike Santhenar.