Species information
Eye colour

Gold or green

Skin colour

Dark, pale (Clan Elienor)

Hair colour

Dark, red (Clan Elienor)




Oval pupils, exceptionally long fingers

"We are overly proud, but our courage falls short at the sticking place."

The Aachim were the original human inhabitants of the world of Aachan. They were later enslaved by the Charon and many ventured to Santhenar in the hunt for the Golden Flute.

On Santhenar the Aachim flourished, however, were destroyed in the Clysm by Rulke, and retreated into their secluded cities, such as Tirthrax, Stassor and Shazmak.

The Aachim appeared to pass out of the Histories, though they returned to prominence during the Time of the Mirror. After the destruction of the world of Aachan, one tenth of the native Aachim escaped to Santhenar, and became involved in the Lyrinx War, though the fate of the Aachim people under the Empire of the God-Emperor is unknown.

Culture Edit

Aachim society on Aachan was constantly dominated by the Aachim clans. Clan rivalry appears to have caused great issues between the peaceful running of Aachim society; many clans viewing themselves as superior to others. The most recently founded of the clans, Clan Elienor, founded by Elienor sometime after 4,201 BTM, was often regarded with open contempt by the other clans, and was the only clan not permitted to become a member of the Ten Clans. The significance of the Ten Clans is not known, as Clan Elienor, has at the same time been said to be a member of the Eleven Clans, though this appears to be an inferior position.

The Aachim are renowned for their "legendary arrogance", and many have been said to view old humans as inferior or even sub-human. Aachim are also known for honouring character traits such as hubris, that have led their species to the edge of ruin on any number of occasions. Clan Inthis has been noted as a clan to have produced several leaders with this character trait, and rather than abhorring hubris to the point of folly, they encourage it. The Aachim are renowned for looking to the past, to times of greatness for their species, rather than attempting to return themselves to their former glory. They are also often called cowards, for they lack much courage that other human species possess.

History Edit

The Taking of Aachan Edit

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The Hunt for the Golden Flute Edit

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The Clysm Edit

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Time of the Mirror Edit

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