Council of Santhenar
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Council of Santhenar

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3,000 BTM

Date of dissolution

100 ATM

The Council of Santhenar, also known as the Council of Iagador and the High Council, was an alliance of the greatest mancers and scholars. It appeared to be something of a ruling council during the Clysm. The Council was led by a Magister.

The major purpose of the Council was to find a way to banish Rulke and the rest of the Charon from Santhenar for all time. After the taking of Rulke, the Council vigilantly kept watch on the Nightland.

History Edit

The Council came in to existance following the formation of a coalition between the Aachim and old humans against the Charon, sometime before the creation of the Forbidding. Consisting of the greatest mancers and scholars of the two species, and headed by the Aachim leader Kwinlis as Magister, the Council's major purpose was to find a way to banish the Charon from Santhenar forever.

By 1,000 BTM, the Council resolved to use the Prescribed Experiments to achieve its purpose by defeating Rulke, greatest of the Charon. However, the strain of the Experiments proved too much even for Rula - widely considered the greatest Magister to ever lead the Council - who died shortly after attempting them. Following Rula's death, Mendark became Magister and led the Council in the taking of Rulke, whilst Council member Yggur used the Experiments to entrap the mighty Charon. Yggur ultimately broke under the power of Rulke, and seeing an opportunity to overwhelm the Charon during this struggle, Mendark trapped Rulke in Yggur's mind. As Rulke attempted to release himself, Mendark forced the Charon into a tumor formed from the Forbidding and sealed it. This impenetrable prison came to be known as the Nightland.

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