Cryl-Nish Hlar
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190 ATM

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Old human



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Cryl-Nish Hlar, more commonly known as Nish, was an artificer of average skill at the manufactory near Tiksi in the later years of the Lyrinx War. He was also a prober for a short time. He has a strange clearsight ability given to him by the Profane Tears.

Nish became a close friend and confidant of Scrutator Xervish Flydd and during his journeys with him, became something of a war hero. He played an important role in many of the later battles of the war and aided in helping the lyrinx to escape to Tallallame, after humanities victory.

He was the love of Irisis Stirms life, who was executed at the hands of his father Jal-Nish Hlar who declared himself God-Emperor of Santhenar. Nish was imprisoned by his father for ten years, before being rescued by Maelys Nifferlin and successfully defeating his father.

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After the events of Chimaera, Nish was taken by his father, Jal-Nish Hlar, and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment in the lowest dungeon in the prisons of Morrellune.

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