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211 ATM

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Tiaan Liise-Mar

"He was flawed; the curse was in him too."
—The Numinator

Gilhaelith, sometimes referred to as the Tetrarch, was a master geomancer and mathemancer who dwelt atop Booreah Ngurle in his geomantic fortress of Nyriandiol.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Gilhaelith was born in 28 ATM, to a dead woman, the illegitimate son of an important father and was raised instead by his loyal nurse. However, when he reached the age of five, Gilhaelith's nurse died of the plague and he was forced into an orphanage. The other children found him to be awkward and ugly, however they also came to fear Gilhaelith, who was far smarter than them and more skilled at mind-games than even his teachers. This would lead to him becoming arrogant in his superiority.

After growing older, Gilhaelith found buisness to be as natural to him as the mind-games he played as a child, and became immensely wealthy at the expense of local merchants and traders. Within a few years Gilhaelith became hated by an entire city and so tired of his games. He ventured to Booreah Ngurle, where he began the arduous task of creating the fortress of Nyriandiol, which took forty years.

For a short time Gilhaelith even played games with the recently formed Council of Scrutators, and recognized a pattern behind what they did and said; it is perhaps at this time he learnt of the Numinator, his grandmother, and her obsession with creating a tetrarch, and so as to mock her failure gave himself the title of tetrarch.

After Nyriandiol was built, Gilhaelith continued to trade and maintain his wealth, however, it had become a mere cover for his real purpose; geomancy. The risk involved with using this deadly Art, heightened its appeal to Gilhaelith, who created the Art of mathemancy to help him achieve his goal of mastering the forces of geomancy. Gilhaelith created ever greater geomantic devices, to help enhance his skills; Nyriandiol being a gigantic geomantic artifact in itself.

Gilhaelith became a very great and powerful mancer, though one with an obsession to control everything and everyone around him. He lived in harmony with both the Council and the lyrinx for a century, barely ageing due to his triune heritage, inherited from his father.

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