Jal-Nish Hlar
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222 ATM

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Old human



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"...Jal-Nish, despite holding all the power in the world, was always on the lookout for treachery. It was the thing he feared most, apart from public ridicule. And death."
Cryl-Nish Hlar

Jal-Nish Hlar was a former perquisitor and scrutator. He was the husband of Ranii Mhel and the father of Dar-Nish, Mun-Mun, Vigg-Nish, Hisly and most famously Cryl-Nish Hlar. He was hideously maimed in a battle with a lyrinx and eternally hated Irisis Stirm for saving the life he no longer wanted, afterwards.

After the destruction of the node at Snizort, Jal-Nish secretly collected the Profane Tears that were created by its destruction and planned to use them at the Battle of Gumby Marth to amplify his minor Art and gain admittance to the Council of Scrutators. However, he was defeated and believed killed, though his chief lieutenant Vivimord saved his life, along with the tears.

At the end of the Lyrinx War, Jal-Nish revealed himself, taking control of Santhenar at the moment of the destruction of all the nodes and declared himself its God-Emperor. However, after a brutal reign of ten years, Jal-Nish was destroyed along with the tears.

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