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None: born in the void.


1,006 BTM

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Kandor was a member of the Hundred Charon and one of three of his people to venture to Santhenar in the hunt for the Golden Flute. He took part in the devastating Clysm and founded the great Empire of Perion, which he ruled from Katazza.

He was present at the time of the Forbidding and attempted to use his Art on Fiachra's chain hoping to learn who had created the Forbidding. However, his Art's proved inferior to those of the Forbidding's creator; Yalkara. Indeed, Kandor had once been close to Yalkara and secretly learnt that she had taken chthonic fire from Stilkeen. On Santhenar, Kandor placed pure chthonic fire into an object named a taphloid which he gave to his infant son Yggur.

As his Empire began to crumble, Kandor resorted to helping the Council of Santhenar to capture one of his own; Rulke. He was later killed on the orders of Mendark, in fear of having his reputation destroyed by the Charon.