A Lyrinx hiding from the cover of Scrutator.

The Lyrinx are massive, winged humanoids who escaped from the void to Santhenar after the Forbidding was broken. They are highly intelligent and many are able to use the Secret Art. Fifty years after the lyrinx escaped to Santhenar, the Lyrinx War broke out between them and the old humans which lasted for one hundred and fifty years, until the lyrinx were finally defeated and escaped to Tallallame.

History Edit

Lyr Rinx Edit

The Lyrinx were orginally humans that lived in the town Lyr Rinx. The inhabitants started performing the Secret Art of macery and started experimenting on their bodies. Records say that lights could be seen afar from Lyr Rinx. This started to worry the other people. Villagers from surrounding towns aided by powerful leaders marched to Lyr Rinx, exterminating several of the inhabitants. The town was then moved temperarly to the Tar Pits where it began to sink. The town was surrounded, with no place to go great mancers opened a way to the void and they left for it. in the void the humans of the town Lyrinx Flesh Formed there young in the womb to surrvive the harsh invoirment of the Void.

Life in the Void Edit

Life in the Void is pretty boring. There is nothing to do here. Please get me out. Please. Please get me out

The Lyrinx War Edit

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Tallallame Edit

Tallallame was once the home world of two humanoid races.They were the Mariem (Charon) and the Faellem. The Faellem cast out the Mariem to the void. faelamor had opened Tallallame to the void believeing she was opening Aachan to the void after she and her followers returned from Santhenar. Due to this, most of the Faellem commited self-immolation. At the end of the lyrinx war, old humanity won and the human generals wanted to wipe out the Lyrinx population. However, Tiaan Liise-Mar created a gate and offered the world Tallallame to the Lyrinx. The Lyrinx gladly took this offer. When the Lyrinx arrive with some of the old humans, including Tiaan and and Cryl-Nish Hlar, they discover that Tallallame is home to creatures of the void and some remaining wild and barbaric surviving Faellem. The Lyrinx began exterminating the beasts from the void but the Patriarch Ryll says it will take many generations. In the Destiny of the Dead, 500 Lyrinx led by Ryll honour their human ties and allies plea to aid Xervish Flydd and Nish in the battle on Santhenar against the Stilkeen and the beasts of the void.

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