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c. 100 BTM

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"...her presence was like a freezing wind, a blow in the face, a shard of ice through the heart."
Maelys Nifferlin

The Numinator, born Maigraith, was the lieutenant of Faelamor during the Time of the Mirror. Later, she became the shadowy ruler behind the Council of Scrutators.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

"I don't recall having a childhood."
— Maigraith, now the Numinator.

Shortly after her birth, in approximately 100 BTM, Maigraith was taken from her mother, Aeolior, by Faelamor. Having suffered so much already Aeolior was finally driven mad, killing both Maigraith's father, Galgilliel and herself.

As a young girl, Maigraith was taught by a woman named Hana, who was secretly kind to her. However, after Faelamor learnt of the bond between the two, Hana fled and even Faelamor was unable to find her. Shortly after this, Maigraith and Faelamor were banished by the Faellem, their faith in Faelamor's leadership having been undermined ever since the incident involving Maigraith's parents.

Maigraith's heritage and the fate of her parents were kept secret from her all her life, while Faelamor trained her to help her lead the Faellem back to Tallallame. Under Faelamor's tutelage Maigraith became a powerful mancer though she was constantly unsure of herself due to being completely in the thrall of her liege. Maigraith soon realized that she did indeed have unusual skill with the Secret Art, but Faelamor had moulded her in such a way that she had no will of her own.

While on a mission for Faelamor, known since their exile as Faichand, Maigraith encountered a woman named Karan Fyrn, who had been forced into slavery. Maigraith relucatantly helped her, though she demanded repayment should she ever require it. Karan would eventually fall into a fever, and Maigraith would require Faelamor's aid in saving her. During her fever, Karan would unknowingly link with Maigraith, revealing herself as a sensitive.

Some two years later, in 0 BTM, Faelamor would demand Maigraith go to Fiz Gorgo, the seat of the great warlord and mancer Yggur's power. Faelamor required that Maigraith steal an artifact, the Mirror of Aachan, from Yggur. Maigraith, having no will of her own, knew that she would be no match for Yggur in a contest of wills and begged Faelamor to allow her to use a sensitive to help sneak her into the heavily guarded fortress. Faelamor rejected this idea, however, Maigraith made her way to Gothryme Manor, regardless, so as to force Karan Fyrn to repay the obligation she owed her.

Time of the Mirror Edit

Mission to Fiz Gorgo Edit

"But Yggur is one of the most powerful warlords in Meldorin, and a mancer as well!"
"My liege is stronger yet, and i have a certain mastery of the Secret Art too. It will be difficult for me, but there will be no danger to you."
Karan Fyrn and Maigraith.

Both Maigraith's cold personality and arrogance served to make Karan think twice about accompanying Maigraith to Fiz Gorgo, however after she displayed a softer side of her personality and promised to handsomly reward the struggling landowner, Karan agreed to help her.

One night during the long journey to Fiz Gorgo, Karan began broadcasting her feelings unconciously, due to the unhappiness she felt in Maigraith's presence. As this was an exceedingly dangerous thing to do, Maigraith softened herself by drinking wine with Karan. During the talk between the two, Maigraith learnt that Karan was a blending of Aachim and old human, which disturbed her as the artifact that they were planning to steal from Lord Yggur had long ago been stolen from the Aachim; its original owners and could potentially split Karan's allegiance. Maigraith also revealed the fact that she had no knowledge of her family Histories and was an orphan.

In her drunken state, Maigraith also accidently revealed that her liege, Faichand, was indeed none other than the age-old leader of the Faellem, Faelamor. The next morning Karan felt obliged to inform Maigraith that she had mistakenly referred to Faichand as Faelamor, and Maigraith's controlled persona briefly cracked as she realizes she had betrayed Faelamor's century old secret.

Maigraith was more distant than usual to Karan for the remainder of the trip after having so betrayed her liege. The pair soon reached Fiz Gorgo and began their mission after Yggur was seen departing his fortress. While the link Karan provided Maigraith was strong, it soon becomes clear to Maigraith that Yggur had some form of Art or defence set up that tore the link apart when the two were too far away from each other. Maigraith, against her agreement with Karan, then demanded that she enter Fiz Gorgo with her to support her through the link while she completed her task for Faelamor.

The pair entered Fiz Gorgo through an underwater entrance. While they searched for the artifact, Karan pleaded with Maigraith to not tell Faichand that she knew her true identity as Faelamor, however, Maigraith did not yield. Shortly after, Maigraith finally revealed to Karan that the artifact they were searching for was none other than the Mirror of Aachan. Karan pleaded to be released from her oath; being part-Aachim she understood that the Aachim had never relinquished their ownership of the fabled Mirror. However, again Maigraith did not yield to her pleas.

Imprisonment Edit

" calls to me, as though it were mine."
—Maigraith on the Mirror of Aachan.

Soon after, Maigraith discovered the Mirror under a simple enchantment in Yggur's library. The Mirror appeared to call to Maigraith and an image of a woman strikingly similar to herself appeared upon its surface. Maigraith was briefly bespelled by the Mirror; long enough for Yggur to return.

Under the legendary power of Yggur, Karan was unable to keep herself from speaking the name of who commanded her; Faelamor. Maigraith was horrified by this, however, she used her Art to hold Yggur, suprising herself at how she equaled the legendary Yggur and matched him in a contest of wills. Maigraith gave Karan the chance to escape with the Mirror, though after hours of battling Yggur, she herself was overcome.

Maigraith was kept in a cell for days before she was interrogated by Yggur's terror-guard, the Whelm. After hours of interrogation, in which the Whelm used their sensitive talents to attempt to probe Maigraiths mind, she used the full force of her power to attack one of the Whelm, before Yggur reappeared having been unsuccessful in capturing Karan and demanded that Maigraith was brought to his workroom.

Maigraith was thrown off guard by the kindness that Yggur showed her; as was he by the reappearance of Faelamor and her incredibly powerful lieutenant. After Yggur learnt that Karan's destination was Sith, he left Maigraith who quickly used her skills to escape, before being intercepted by Vartila the Whelm, who attempted to break her through torture. Yggur however, interrupted his servant and was furious by her disregard for his authority.

After her escape, Yggur created a cell for Maigraith in his private workroom. The two would soon realize that there was something between them. They would share the woes and pains of their lives and sensed in the other a kindred spirit of sorts. However, before anything could come of these strange feelings Maigraith would be seized while she slept, and while Yggur was away, by the Whelm.

Tortured for hours, Maigraith was forced to reveal Karan's nature as a blending of old human and Aachim, delighting the Whelm greatly as they had techniques to deal with such people. Soon after, Faelamor herself would appear and incapacitated the Whelm with the use of mind-twisting illusions. She briefly tended to Maigraiths wounds and later became infuriated when she revealed that she brought Karan with her to Fiz Gorgo, and that she had in turn revealed Faelamor's existance to her, who had then been forced by Yggur to reveal the secret. She was also disturbed to learn that Yggur had seen the true colour of Maigraiths eyes, which she usually hid by taking a drug. Then, using her mastery of illusion, Faelamor wisked Maigraith out of Fiz Gorgo.

Search for the Mirror Edit

Faelamor questioned Maigraith at length about Karan and the Mirror and due to the link between Maigraith and Karan, they were able to come across her abandoned camp; Karan having been taken by the Whelm. Shortly after, Faelamor and Maigraith fell out.

Maigraith set out to find Karan on her lonesome, however, she was shortly contacted by an Aachim man named Flacq who had been sent by Faelamor. Flacq informed her that Faelamor had been imprisoned in Shazmak by Tensor and that shortly before hand Karan had fallen out with the Aachim over the Mirror. Flacq asked Maigraith to send Karan to Thurkad, should she encounter her, as Tensor wished Flacq to mend ties with her on his behalf.

Maigraith journeyed to Tolryme, where Faelamor having escaped Shazmak met her. Faelamor revealed that she had discovered that Karan was a triune. They also heard word that Karan's companion, Llian, may have the Mirror and was on his way to Thurkad.

Upon reaching Thurkad, Maigraith learnt that Llian had freed Karan from the Whelm, and once Maigraith located her she begged her to keep the Mirror for but one more night, as she intended to enter Yggur's camp as his army was marching on Thurkad. She also informed her of Flacq and Karan reluctantly agreed to meet with him.

Once Maigraith returned to Karan's room, she discovered that Flacq was dead and was Karan's long time enemy Emmant bent on revenge. Unfortunatly, Karan was driven somewhat insane by her struggle with Emmant and captured by the self-proclaimed Magister Thyllan.

A Great Conclave was called and Maigraith and Faelamor attended. Faelamor had Maigraith reveal her true eye colour, a cross between indigo and carmine, which infuriated Tensor, who recognized she must have had Charon heritage. Tensor breaked, using a mind-blasting potency that laid the whole Conclave low.

First love Edit

Having been knocked unconcious and gravely weakened by the effects of Tensor's potency, Maigraith would awake sometime later in a place unknown to her. She would shortly discover that Faelamor had secured Maigraith and herself refuge from a youth whose family had been killed during the battle that occurred between the army of Thurkad and Yggur's forces. It would soon become clear that Faelamor's powers had been lost due to Tensor's potency. Later, the youth the pair had taken refuge with would commit suicide and set light to the refuge.

Faelamor and Maigraith would then take shelter in a small shed, with Faelamor sinking deeper into despair due to her weak state. Maigraith would then resort to returning to Yggur's camp, where she met with him. However, shortly after Maigraith arrived, Faelamor was brought to Yggur on a stretcher; having been discovered by his spies.

Maigraith would agree to stay with Yggur and would accompany him on the front lines as he attempted to capture his great enemy, Mendark, the true Magister of the Council of Santhenar. However, Mendark would escape and Maigraith would witness Yggur's failure. Later, Maigraith attempted to become close with Yggur, succeeding after a fashion. Though the two became lovers, Yggur remained terribly afraid of her; due to her eyes reminding him of the Charon.

Faelamor would soon learn from Maigraith of the romance between her and Yggur, and in her rage recovered her powers and created an illusion, with the likeance of Maigraith, though altered to appear more Charon-like. She then forced the illusion to appear around Maigraith; causing Yggur to begin acting strangely. Maigraith would soon discover Faelamor's deception, but Yggur's fear of her served to further undermine her respect for him.

Yggur would attempt to learn from Faelamor the full extent of Maigraith's heritage, as well as Karan Fyrn's. Faelamor would not reveal Maigraith's ancestory, though she gladly revealed Karan's. Shortly after Faleamor's confrontation with Yggur, she would leave, having regained her powers.

The relationship between Maigraith and Yggur would not regain the intimacy that it had had prior to Faelamor's interference, though something continued to hold them together. Yggur would help Maigraith to overcome the taboo that had been burnt into her by Faelamor, against the use of devices.

Faelamor would later return suddenly and informed Yggur that Tensor was using the Mirror to create a gate to the Nightland and free Rulke. She would inform him that he must use the Proscribed Experiments to take control of Tensor's gate and prevent him from freeing Rulke. She would later reappear in the guise of Vartila the Whlem and take control of Yggur's own gate to Katazza. Yggur himself would later create a gate to Katazza, leaving Maigraith behind, alone, in Thurkad.

First meeting Edit

"Who are you?"
"I am Maigraith, I was Faelamor's lieutenant, once."
"You lowered yourself, there is something about you—"
Rulke and Maigraith on their first meeting.

One night after Yggur had left through the gate to Katazza, Maigraith came face to face with his great enemy; Rulke the Charon. Knowing that Tensor, Yggur, Faelamor and the others who had been determined to finish Rulke had failed, Maigraith was nearly crippled with fear, but strangely, longing as well. Rulke immeidatly recognizes Maigraith's Charon heritage, due to her indigo-carmine eyes. Most of Yggur's Whelm reverted to their age old name of Ghâshâd and renewed their oath of loyalty to Rulke, who demanded that they hold Maigraith for him and protect her with their lives. Rulke also encouraged them to cause an insurrection.

Just days after Rulke's apparition at Yggur's fortress, Thyllan sailed across the sea with an army determined to take back Thurkad. A fortnight into the siege, the Ghâshâd ended their insurrection and readied themselves to flee Yggur's fortress with Maigraith to their command centre of Shazmak. Maigraith used a spell of transformation to appear as if she was Yggur, striking fear into the hearts of the treacherous Ghâshâd. However, her spell failed and she fled the fortress to be rescued by one of Yggur's marshals; Vanhe.

Leader of the empire Edit

"You have power; you are Yggur' are Yggur's partner, his equal."
Marshal Vanhe

Yggur's generals and highest ranking officers having been killed during both the Ghâshâd Insurrection and the current battle against Thyllan, Vanhe had been forced to take control of the army in his absence; in truth their being little left to command considering four out of Yggur's five armies had been underminded by the Ghâshâd. Recognising Maigraith's power Vanhe pleaded with her to take command of Yggur's falling empire. Maigraith eventually accepted, though reluctantly. However, Vanhe set Maigraith up as a figurehead leader; someone to negotiate surrender with Thyllan, who could match him in power with the Art.

However, during their negotiations, Thyllan violated the armistice and killed a young messenger boy, whom Maigraith was fond of. In addition, he committed treachery by sneaking crossbow armed soldiers into the war room. Maigraith challenged Thyllan to a duel, which she subsequently won though not unscathed. The battle for Thurkad was ended and Thyllan stripped of title and rank. Maigraith refused to be nominated as Magister, nor as a member of the Assembly; wishing only to sustain Yggur's empire, until his return.

Maigraith soon learnt that the region of Bannador, Karan's homeland, was the only part of Yggur's realm that the Ghâshâd had continued their insurrection over; having subverted Yggur's Second Army. Against Vanhe's wishes, Maigraith took full command of the armies and had him draw up a campaign for war in Bannador. Maigraith led the First Army to Bannador, and created an illusion that hid them, giving her troops the element of surprise. However, the Ghâshâd broke Maigraith's deception and a battle ensued.

Maigraith singlehandedly attacked the Ghâshâd command tent and disrupted their mind control over the battle. However she only escaped capture, soley because of the quick actions of approximatly one hundred soldiers who rescued her. Maigraith also realized, guiltily, that the Ghâshâd had waged war in Bannador in the hopes of luring her there to protect Karan's homeland and reclaim her for Rulke.

Return to duty Edit

Faelamor soon arrived in Maigraith's quarters and convinced her to return to her duty and help her lead the Faellem back to Tallallame. The pair journeyed to Elludore, where Faelamor linked her mind to the Faellem, who rebuked her. Having been failed by the Faellem, Faelamor was forced to create a gate, with Maigraith's help, to her old enemy Yalkara's protected fortress of Havissard.

While Faelamor was agitated in the former seat of her old enemy, Maigraith found herself strangely content. Faelamor found Aachan gold and a book in an unidentifiable script that disturbed her, while Maigraith discovered a small stylus with the world Aeolior, which called to her, printed on it.

When the pair were forced to flee Havissard after Faelamor briefly encountered (and overcame) Mendark, Faelamor lost the disturbing book she had been so frightened by, she had Maigraith construct another gate, so as to retrieve it. It soon became clear that Mendark had found the book, after recovering from his encounter with Faelamor. Faelamor would then again make contact with the Faellem, who would decide to come to Elludore after all due to being disturbed by the book Faelamor had lost.

Faelamor would then send Maigraith to Carcharon so as to discover what stirred there. Maigraith confirmed Faelamor's fears that Rulke had taken up control of the fortress, and would be left to await the coming of the Faellem, in Elludore, while Faelamor investigated Carcharon herself.

"Burn them all to bones!"
— Maigraith using her Art to create fire and light to bewilder Ghâshâd.

While awaiting the Faellem's arrival, Maigraith would discover that Ghâshâd had infiltrated the part of Elludore where she had made camp. Though she proved skillful enough to evade the Ghâshâd for several hours, she would eventually be captured by them, after suffering the effects of stinging sap that caused her huge amounts of physical pain. However, a clever use of her Art and strategic thinking that allowed her to take advantage of the Ghâshâd's natural weaknesses, make it possible for Maigraith to escape and force them through a gate to Fiz Gorgo.

Several days later, three Faellem, Hallal, Ellami and Gethren would appear at her camp, ahead of the main host of their people to ensure that Elludore would be ready to accomodate them. The three Faellem, who held authority among their people, questioned Maigraith at length; about Faelamor's deeds, as well as her plans.

Some weeks later, Faelamor would return to Elludore and would engage in a heated argument with the three Faellem, who felt she had committed terrible sins since they had exiled her long ago. Faelamor became infuriated by this and directed her anger at Maigraith, whom she had asked not to inform the Faellem of anything. During her argument with Maigraith, Faelamor would become agitated; sensing an aura that greatly distressed her.

Revelations Edit

An old man appeared, who Faelamor revealed she knew of old; Gyllias. Gyllias declared that he was known as Shand now, and Maigraith realized that he was a friend of Karan's. Shand had never been Faelamor's match, however, his anger, and a protective ring left to him by Yalkara, allowed him to temporarily defeat Faelamor, and she fled.

Shand revealed to Maigraith at last the secret of her heritage; he was her grandfather. He had been partnered to Yalkara for an age and before she had fled Santhenar, she had given birth to their daughter; Aeolior. Sometime later, Faelamor had learnt of Aeolior's existance and kidnapped her; before mating her, unwillingly, to a Faellem man. The result was Maigraith, who was born a triune due to her mothers nature as a blending and her fathers nature as a pure-blooded Faellem.

Shand revealed that Yggur was with him and had helped him to enter Elludore undetected. Maigraith let Yggur know that she had long ago out grown her feelings for him, and hoped that they could remain friends.

Shand and Maigraith would allow the bonds of family to grow between them and he would often counsel her on what course of action to take, the Mirror having been placed in her care; due to it being her late mothers birthright. Shand would also take Maigraith on a trip to recover her separate birthright; Yalkara's Aachan gold, which he had hidden long ago. Yalkara had left Aeolior with the task of restoring the balance between the Three Worlds, by dismantling the Forbidding correctly; after Aeolior's death, that task had been past to Maigraith.

After much consideration, Maigraith would surrender the gold to the Council, who she had reluctantly allied herself with; in the hopes that the device they created with it would make it possible to reunite Shand with Yalkara. However, Tensor and the Aachim would betray their oath and not return the gold, now a Golden Flute capable of creating gates, to her, in fear of her Charon heritage. She would also survive an assassination attempt by Ellami, who was killed; the attempt was made after Maigraith had mastered the Art of gates and overheard a conversation at Elludore between the Faellem, about creating a false alliance with Rulke, after transporting herself there and back with her Art.

True love Edit

"Don't stare so, it troubles me."
"I would not discomfort you in any way, but i cannot tear my eyes off you."
—Maigraith and Rulke.

Maigraith would eventually transport herself to Shazmak, in a hopes of foiling Faelamor's plan. Much like she had been in Thurkad, Maigraith was drawn to Rulke. The two would discuss the origins of the Charon, the void, the breaking of the Forbidding, as well as the Stilkeen. After a short time, the two would recognize their love for the other and sleep together; before declaring their desire to be together for eternity.

Faelamor would eventually come to Shazmak, and despite Maigraith's warnings Rulke established an alliance with her. The experiments undertaken by the two would be interrupted by Mendark, who arrived with the aid of the Golden Flute, however Rulke was able to propel him using his construct. On the heels of the Magister, Shand, Malien, Llian, Tensor and Yggur arrived with a host of the Aachim; Shand having created a gate from Carcharon.

Karan also appeared, having used a secret path into Shazmak, and as Faelamor became unnecessary for Rulke's plans, as Karan could fulfil the role just as she could, Rulke attempted to blast her down, however she cries a single word that startled him enough for her to escape his fury. The word, Mariem, was the secret name that the Charon had gone by prior to having been cast into the void. It was soon revealed that it was the Faellem who had committed that act millenia ago.

In the ensuing conflict, Rulke made contact with Yalkara on Aachan, who he persuaded to send the remaining fertile Charon to Santhenar. The Charon were all killed by thranx allowed through the Forbidding by Faelamor, before Tensor attempted to kill both Rulke and Maigraith with the use of his mind-blasting potency. Maigraith having been injured was saved by Rulke, who sacraficed himself for her. Maigraith was devastated at his death and it was by an effort of will alone that she did not kill Faelamor when given the chance.

Faelamor revealed hersels as Maigraith's paternal grandmother, the Faellem man who was her father, being Faelamor's son; Galgilliel. She begged Maigraiths forgiveness, who did not grant it, before leading her people home to Tallallame.

Aachan Edit

Shortly after Maigraith begged Karan's aid in sensing the Way to Aachan; where she needed to go to restore the balance between the Three Worlds, as Yalkara had intended Aeolior to. Karan who was near to death, agreed, and Maigraith successfully journeyed through the Way to Aachan.

On Aachan, the Aachim finally rebelled against the remaining members of the Hundred Charon, who defended themselves, while Yalkara and Maigraith restored the balance between the Three Worlds together. As the Three Worlds were separated by the dismantling of the Forbidding, Maigraith was trapped upon Aachan where she slipped into a coma in her grief for the loss of Rulke.

After awaking, Yalkara revealed to Maigraith that before Rulke had died, he had successfully impregnated her. She also learnt through the Mirror, that the Faellem who had returned to Talallame, including Faelamor, had self-immolated.

Yalkara and the Charon also declared their decision to return to the void, while Maigraith wished to be returned to Santhenar. Yalkara and the Charon spent over half a year creating the device that was able to create a gate, which was extremely difficult now that the Forbidding had been broken, and sent Maigraith back to Santhenar, before returning to the void themselves.

Maigraith appeared at Karan's Gothryme Manor, where the entire remnants of the company happened to be staying, after Llian's telling of the Tale of the Mirror. There Maigraith was reunited with her old friends and discovered that Karan was preganant just as she was. Maigraith suggest mating the children together, triunes both, so as to create a new species, though Karan refused to shape the lives of their children as their own had been.

Growing obsession Edit

Three months later Maigraith gave birth to twin boys. Illiel was born first and was very Faellem in appearance. Maigraith named him Illiel after her father, Galgilliel, though due to her disdain for the Faellem people, never took to him. Three days later, after agonizingly painful labour Maigraith gave birth to her second son, Rulken, who was the image of his father.

Maigraith would eventually cast Illiel out and send him to live with the Faellem who remained on Santhenar. Rulken on the other hand, would grow up to be a spoilt, brute of a man, who Maigraith promised Karan's firstborn child, Sulien to, as since Rulke's death she had become obsessed with creating the perfect memorial to him; a quartine.

Over the years, Maigraith harassed Karan to allow the two children to mate, so as to create a quartine child. Karan continuously denied, and in 16 ATM Maigraith kidnapped Sulien, hoping to mate her with Rulken. However, Karan rescued her daughter, although it appeared she had been so traumatized by Maigraith's betrayal that she had gone insane, killing herself, Llian, and her three children a year later.

Rulken would grow up to spred his seed far, however, he only ever fathered one child, an illegitimate son named Gilhaelith, in 30 ATM. Gilhaelith would prove to be useless for Maigraith's purpose, as the curse of the Charon, infertility, was in him.

Rulken having died, Maigraith was forced to turn to her other son, Illiel, who she had spurned all his life. However, the Faellem had arrayed themselves behind her son, and she was unable to force him into helping her. However, Illiel had already fathered a child, a daughter named Liel. However, Illiel had cleverly hidden his daughter, though Maigraith eventually tracked her down. Unforutnatly, for Maigraith, by the time she had tracked Liel down she was no longer capable of bearing children and those she had already borne had died.


Lyrinx War Edit

During this time the Lyrinx War had broken out due to the alien lyrinx having escaped to Santhenar when the Forbidding was broken. Maigraith, who had cast off her name in favour of the alias, the Numinator, recognized that the Council of Santhenar was having little success in creating a united front against the lyrinx. Taking advantage of their vulnerability, she battled the Council and their array of mancers, killing huge numbers of them before the survivors surrendered. The Numinator then formed the survivors into the Council of Scrutators, who took up control of the world, while she directed them from the shadows. She created the Tower of a Thousand Steps at the Isle of Noom, due to it being the location of an exceptionally powerful node, from which mancers now drew their power and commanded Rulke's former slaves, the Ghâshâd, once more known as Whelm to serve her.

The Council was given several responsibilities by the Numinator; the most important of which was the compilation of bloodline registers, that allowed the Numinator to trace the heritage of every being on Santhenar in search of those rare blendings and even rarer triunes who she could mate together in an attempt to create a quartine as the perfect memorial to her dead love. Though she was effectively the ruler of Santhenar, she took no part in day to day affairs, and none but the Council even knew that she existed. So long as the Council sent her the bloodline registers, she allowed them to do as they pleased with the world. As such the Council members occassionally became bold enough to attempt to wrest control from the Numinstor, though she always put down such revolts mercilessly.

When perquisitor and later scrutator Xervish Flydd pried into the secrets of the Numinator in his youth, she ordered him tortured for his curiosity, causing a deep hatred on his part for the shadowy figure.

Diminished Edit

" Never think that i am powerless, girl. I am diminished, certainly, but my Arts suffice to maintain my realm; and control everything and everyone in it."
—The Numinator

The Numinator's task lasted one hundred and fifty years, before she finally created a pair of triunes so perfect, that mating them together resulted in the female becoming pregnant with a quartine child. However, in 211 ATM, before the child could be born, Tiaan Liise-Mar destroyed the nodes of power and a bitter blizzard raged across the Isle of Noom for weeks. Having come to rely on the nodes as the source of her unbelievable power, the Numinator was unable to use her Art, and survived only because her faithful Whelm nursed her back to health. However, the blizzard had killed her entire collection of blendings, triunes and the perfect pair with their unborn quartine child.

The Council of Scrutators having been dissolved, the Numinator no longer had the scrutators to compile her work for her and was forced to begin from scratch. She also had very little of her once unmatched power, and so eventually enticed Yggur, who still lived, some two hundred and fifteen years after their last meeting, to Noom, before having her Whlem, who had once been loyal to him, take him by suprise and lock two silver bracelets upon his wrists. These bracelets allowed her to draw upon his power, which did not rely upon the nodes, so as to continue her work and maintain her realm. In addition, the Numinator was forced to hide her small empire from the notice of the newly proclaimed God-Emperor Jal-Nish Hlar who held possession of the Profane Tears.

Chthonic fire Edit

In 222 ATM former scrutator, Xervish Flydd and his companions, Maelys Nifferlin and Colm, managed to bypass the defences of the Isle of Noom and successfully enter it. The Whelm quickly imprisoned them and later the Numinator summoned them to her eyrie so as to interrogate them. Flydd and Maelys requested her aid in discovering the antithesis to the Profane Tears, so as to attempt a revolt against the God-Emperor, however, the Numinator professed to have no knowledge of any such artifact. The Numinator found herself disturbed however, when Flydd revealed the existance of a source of power unlike any other on Santhenar; chthonic fire.

The Numinator had the three intruders put to work helping to renew her lifes work whilst she pondered their tale and the chthonic fire. Later, she had Maelys brought to her and interrogated the young woman on all that had transpired, whilst using a spell that ensured that she could not resist her questions. The Numinator was disturbed by Flydd's sudden ability to create three portals, his invasion during renewal by a mysterious "woman in red" and the revelation that the Nightland somehow still existed and was maintained to house a man named Emberr.

Following this, the Numinator used the chthonic fire to construct a gate to the Nightland, though she was unknowingly followed through by Maelys. As only people Emberr wished to find him were able to, Maelys was able to warn him that the Numinator had entered the Nightland. After they had made love, Maelys accidently broke Emberr's enchantment, allowing the Numinator to enter his home. However, she discovered Emberr to be dead; she immediatly recognized that he was Rulke's son as she had suspected, though she was enraged to see that he was also the son of Yalkara, whom she had grown increasingly bitter towards since their last meeting. The Numinator knew however that Maelys had slept with Emberr before his death and that it was possible she was with child, and as such, she became determined to take any child that should come of their union.

As she made to leave with Maelys however, she was confronted by Yalkara herself, whom she had thought dead. Yalkara was infuriated to find her son dead due to the presence of chthonic fire on Maelys when they had slept together and vowed to take any child she bore of Emberr's, much as the Numinator had already vowed.

When they returned to the Isle of Noom the Numinator took her chance to capture Maelys at the seat of her power, however, she was thwarted when she fled through a portal to Gendrigore. In the ensuing battle the Tower of a Thousand Steps was destroyed. The Numinator herself made a portal to Gendrigore and was witness to the coming of the Stilkeen which demanded it have the chthonic fire returned to it, before disappearing with the God-Emperor as his hostage. The Numinator revealed that it was Yalkara had stolen the chthonic fire long ago and begun the troubles of the Three Worlds. Subsequently she and her estranged grandmother each attempted to escape with Maelys, though they were both propelled into a portal by the now free Yggur.

Yalkara and the Numinator proceeded to engage in a deadly duel, during which the Stilkeen made a proclamation to the entire world that declared that should it not gain pure chthonic fire within fifteen days, it would unleash the void on Santhenar. Neither Yalkara or the Numinator knew where to find pure chthonic fire, and at the conclusion of their battle the Numinator finally defeated her nemesis, who was forced to flee; her Art's rapidly failing and her life force fading.

When the fifteen days were up, the Numinator created a portal to Morrelune and enticed the Stilkeen to attack Yalkara. However, Yalkara sacrificed herself by allowing the pure chthonic fire that had been kept in the taphloid owned by Maelys to consume her fleeing life force, which Yggur then used to destroy the Stilkeen's revenants causing it to flee forever.

Later, when the resurrected Irisis Stirm caused the Profane Tears together, a feat only someone not human could achieve, the tears, the God-Emperor and the ressurected Irisis herself were destroyed and the fields once generated by the nodes of power slowly began to return. Her powers once more available, the Numinator attempted to take Maelys by force, only to learn that chthonic fire had caused Emberr's seed to that of an old human which meant that the child Maelys carried was useless in her great project.

The Numinator vowed to never give up on her memorial to Rulke, whilst the new Interim Ruling Council learnt that Karan Fyrn had feigned her families deaths and created a time portal to 227 ATM. As such, they chose not to clear her name publicly, lest the Numinator learn that she could still use them in her project.

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