The Secret Art or simply the Art is the use of sorcerous powers. This is known as mancing. A practitioner of the Art is known as a mancer. The Secret Art allows a practitioner to have a wide range of powers, however only the strongest mancers are able to master the more powerful Arts. Use of the Art also results in aftersickness.

Types of the Secret Art Edit

There are many types of the Secret Art and different mancers tend to specialise in certain aspects of it or use it in different ways. For example, Malien's Art involves the use of golden bubbles that can be used as blasts or expanded to shields and Faelamor's Art is mainly based around Illusion. There are many different spells and forms of the secret art which include:

There are also forms of the Art known as a Talent which is a native gift that people, often in bloodlines, possess. For example, Fyllis of Clan Nifferlin had a talent to decieve Jal-Nish's Wisp-watchers. Another form of a talent is a sensitive.