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Tallia bel Soon was the chief lieutenant of Mendark and his successor as Magister of the Council of Santhenar. Tallia was a highly trained practitioner of the Secret Art, and a master of both armed and unarmed combat.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Tallia was born in rich, tropical Crandor. When she was young, her talent for the Secret Art came to the attention of the Magister of the Council of Santhenar, Mendark, who financed the training required to master her powers, as well as tutelage in armed and unarmed combat.

When her training was complete, Tallia was brought to Thurkad to serve Mendark as a lieutenant, eventually becoming his most trusted adviser and confidant.

A Shadow on the Glass Edit

After Mendark’s ancient enemy, Yggur, conquered most of southern Meldorin Island and forms an Empire, Tallia was sent to spy on Yggur’s fortress of Fiz Gorgo. While watching the fortress, Tallia witnessed two women, Maigraith and Karan Fyrn, sneak over the walls. Hours later Karan escaped the fortress alone and Tallia compelled one of the pursuing Whelm to reveal what had transpired.

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