The following in an unofficial Timeline of the Three Worlds. Events occuring before the Time of the Mirror are styled as BTM and events occuring after the Time of the Mirror are styled as ATM. All dates are approximate. The precise dates of some events are unlisted as they are not calculatable, however, they are listed in chronological order.


12,000 BTM:Edit

7,160 BTM:Edit

  • Encial Edict forbidding mancing as it is thought of as tribal magic.

7,121 BTM:Edit

  • Village of Ric Rints is desolated. Many of the inhabitants flee to the void and become the lyrinx.

4,201 BTM:Edit

3,500 BTM:Edit

3,450 BTM:Edit


  • The Faellem and Faelamor come to Santhenar.
  • Yalkara is sent shortly after the Faellem arrive so as to keep watch on them.

3,098 BTM:Edit

2,000 BTM:Edit

1,830 BTM:Edit

  • The city of Skane falls during the full dark moon on hythe.

1,500 BTM:Edit

  • The Clysm; a series of wars between the Charon and Aachim.
  • Gyllias and Yalkara meet; become lovers for an age.

1,258 BTM:Edit





1,006 BTM:Edit

1,000 BTM:Edit


598 BTM:Edit

  • Basunez dies at Carcharon.

307 BTM:Edit

  • Greatest of the battles between Yalkara and Faelamor.
  • Yalkara leaves Santhenar, shortly after giving birth to Aeolior.


  • Yggur becomes aware again.

200 BTM:Edit

178 BTM:Edit

100 BTM:Edit

60 BTM:Edit

30 BTM:Edit

23 BTM:Edit

20 BTM:Edit

  • Yggur buys the Mirror from a fortune teller.

7 BTM:Edit

0 BTM:Edit

1 ATM:Edit


Yalkara secretly gives birth to her son with Rulke in the Nightland; Emberr.

2 ATM:Edit

  • The Forbidding is broken.
  • Aachan begins to erupt in mass volcanic activity.
  • Rulke's death.
  • Self-immolation of Faelamor and her band of Faellem upon their return on Tallallame.
  • The lyrinx return to Santhenar.
  • Half a year after the Forbidding is broken, Yalkara leads the Charon to their extinction. She begins the task of maintaining the Nightland for her secret son, Emberr, shortly after the last of the Charon dies.

3 ATM:Edit

16 ATM:Edit

  • Sulien, the firstborn child of Karan Fyrn and Llian of Chanthed, was captured by Maigraith. However, she was rescued by her daring mother.

17 ATMEdit

  • After a year on the run from Maigraith, Karan, Llian and their three children feign their deaths and create a portal to take them two hundred and ten years into the future (the knowledge of which Karan found in the fabled treasure trove of Faelamor) so as to escape her.

22 ATMEdit

30 ATM:Edit

50 ATM:Edit

100 ATM:Edit

109 ATM:Edit

133 ATM:Edit

145 ATM:Edit

189 ATM:Edit

191 ATM:Edit

195 ATM:Edit

202 ATM:Edit

209 ATM:Edit

  • Tiaan Liise-Mar discovers the ampliment and bonds herself to it.
  • Under the instruction of the Aachim of Aachan, Tiaan opens a gate from Santhenar, rescuing one hundred thousand Aachim of Aachan.
  • Malien and Tiaan re-discover the secret of flight.

210 ATM:Edit

211 ATM:Edit

  • The Lyrinx War ends; the lyrinx escape to Tallallame.
  • Jal-Nish Hlar usurps control of Santhenar.
  • Cryl-Nish Hlar begins his ten year imprisonment.
  • Tiaan Liise-Mar destroys the nodes of power.
  • A blizzard caused by the destruction of the nodes befalls the Isle of Noom, destroying the life work of the Numinator. Her Art's are gravely reduced.

213 ATM:Edit

215 ATM:Edit

  • Yggur, Flangers and Chissmoul are beset by Whelm on the Numinator's Isle of Noom. They are captured, and Yggur controlled by silver bracelets that prevent him from drawing upon his Art, allowing the Numinator to use his power to maintain her realm and compensate for the loss of her power after the destruction of the nodes.

222 ATM:Edit

  • Cryl-Nish Hlar is rescued from Mazurhize by Maelys Nifferlin.