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Ullii was a hypersensitive young woman, who had the ability of a Seeker, meaning she could see the Secret Art in all its forms in a lattice constructed in her mind. This made her a very valuable asset during the Lyrinx War.

After making love with Cryl-Nish Hlar, Ullii fell pregnant, however, her baby, Yllii, was killed when she was forced into premature labor by the Arts of Scrutator T'lisp on the orders of Chief Scrutator Ghorr.

Ullii helped Ghorr to track down her former friends, who she believed to have betrayed her, however, she eventually sacrificed herself for them, being killed by Ghorr, in the process.

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Ullii had the ability to see the Secret Art in a lattice she created in her mind. She could tell individuals who had a talent for the Secret Art appart in her lattice, though those without talent were invisible to her. She was also able to, somehow, overcome the self-imposed barrier Irisis placed on her own talent and allowed her to draw power from the field for the first time since she was young. How Ullii did this is not known.

She also possessed hyperkeen senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. However, this proved to be a disadvantage, as she found it impossible to cope with the world without special clothing and equipment to help her deal with these enhanced senses. A Whisper was like a shout, the flicker of a lantern was like the sun in her eyes, she could smell even smell rotting teeth from afar. He keen sense of smell was useful, slightly, as it helped Ullii distinguish people and whether she would like them or not. For example, her relationship with Cryl-Nish started because she liked his "musky, spicy aroma".

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